To create one's world in any of the arts takes courage.


​​Rita Barkett/Actor

There are absolutely no random, accidental events in this life… not one.

My initial stage debut was in third grade in Ireland as the lead in the school play. The Pied Piper of Hamelin was, alas, also the finale for that acting chapter of my life. I wowed them at the audition, was incredible at rehearsals, & completely froze upon seeing the audience after the curtain rose... I swear I could still today identify those faces in a police lineup as traumatically etched in my eight year old memory as they are! 

After a brief hiatus… 45 years to be exact… I found myself seated next to a lovely lady at a chance dinner party. As the conversation progressed ('progressed' is really an incorrect term for a conversation with me… it’s more like repeated seizures of information…!), she revealed that she had taken some acting classes! 

And the rest is history, or chapter two…??? Which I sincerely hope will be longer than my first acting chapter! I went home from that dinner, got online, & signed up for my first acting class. I am now completely, totally, & helplessly lost to all things ‘acting’! What a wonderful gift to have a new ‘passion’, & I am loving every minute!!